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Procuring the Capital You Need Through Our Financial Network

ECAP brings sophisticated financial acumen combined with valuable operating insight. We have decades of experience in building companies, along with a history and lengthy track record in raising capital and providing short-term liquidity. We offer senior management and operating expertise in a variety of industries with the financial and investment know-how of private equity professionals. Additionally, we like to think of ourselves as an ongoing asset for owners and managers, providing them with assistance and guidance in the following areas:

  • Buy-Side/Sell-Side Coverage
  • Market Making Activities & Support in Dealing with Brokers/Dealers
  • Corporate Development Strategy
  • Incorporating Best Practices from Other Industries
  • Making Introductions That Help Companies Grow and Succeed

Long term & Short Term Financing

Our principals have successfully invested in a wide range of industries with particular focus on growth or buildup and consolidations. Our objective is to provide short-term and long-term liquidity and recapitalize companies in cooperation with professional management, thereby building long-term value.

ECAP's preference is to work with profitable companies or those that possess trajectory technologies. At the other end of the spectrum, we are drawn to basic manufacturing, service, and distribution businesses in fragmented industries where technology development is not the key requirement for success. The aforementioned criteria permit us to invest and procure capital in a broad cross-section of companies and industries.


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Meeting Your Goals

We are dedicated to assisting managers and owners in achieving their financial, operating, and liquidity goals. Our team accomplishes this by working closely with a portfolio company to:

  • Develop Strong Relationships with All Levels of Management
  • Set Strategic and Operating Objectives with Management and the Board
  • Add to Shareholder Base, Thus Potentially Adding to Liquidity and Increased Market Capitalization
  • Incorporate Market-Maker Introductions (Both Retail and Wholesale)
  • Facilitate and Introduce Industry Experts and Appropriate Outside Resources to Management
  • Assist with Acquisitions and Other Corporate Finance Needs

Financial Network

Through extensive operating and venture capital investing experience, we have access to a network of contacts in professional organizations and financial institutions that are available to clients. Our financial network includes other venture capitalists, private equity firms, hedge funds, bankers, asset-based lenders, and investment banking firms.

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Small Company Focus

There are a substantial number of micro-cap and small-cap market companies in the cross-border spectra. Many were founded several decades ago and now the owners or their children want to liquefy holdings. Some expect to cash out completely, while others plan to sell a portion for capital the company requires. Unfortunately for these owners and managers, small companies do not necessarily enjoy the same liquidity and ready access to the capital markets as their larger counterparts. Fewer buyers are interested in these smaller transactions, and many of these companies are managed in ways that make them less attractive to outside investors.

Commercial bank financing is usually available for small concerns in limited amounts, but it often requires the personal guarantee of the principals. As a result, companies of this size must rely predominantly on their owner's capital to support their growth and make acquisitions or capital expenditures. This dependence frequently conflicts with the principal's desire to take capital out of the business after many years of investing.

A number of internal factors may also affect the value of small companies. Because of their size, they may lack strong financial controls and information systems, depth of management, and geographical reach. Their status as a Subchapter S Corporation, while beneficial in terms of tax treatment, may mean they do not have standard cost systems or books that conform to generally accepted accounting principles. Moreover, the principals may be hesitant to assume the additional risk of making acquisitions, adding product lines, expanding production capacity, or investing in capital equipment and systems. Depend on ECAP to guide you in making the most suitable financial decisions for your business.