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About Our Private Equity Firm

From time to time, numerous owners and managers of small businesses consider the option of selling all or part of their company for private equity capital procurement purposes. They become anxious about having most, if not all, of their net worth at risk in the business. A multitude of concerns often conspires to make them postpone taking any action. They worry about possibly not receiving the maximum price if they sell now and, more importantly, feel they are not finished with their work. The builder in them wants to keep expanding the business, not just to create greater value but also to satisfy the innate entrepreneurial urge to enlarge the vision. Succinctly, the desire is to preserve their accumulated wealth and keep building for the future. Our private equity firm has developed a specialty in associating with such owners and managers to help resolve the conflict between their personal financial goals and the needs of the business.

Financial Solutions

Our private equity firm provides commercial financing services so owners and managers can continue to lead their enterprises and participate in the rewards of future growth while at the same time achieving the liquidity to diversify their personal holdings and fund the next round of company expansion. We assist clients with building value by working with professional managers and entrepreneurs to achieve liquidity, implement operating improvements for the business, and realize short-term and long-term financing strategic goals.

Our objective is to provide or arrange for liquidity and private equity capital for managers and owners of companies with revenues of $1,000,000 or more. We also review smaller capitalized companies and view the underlying merit of each transaction on a case-by-case basis.

Eurasian Capital, LLC. discovers and disseminates highly targeted, detailed reports to key institutional contacts within the professional investment community, which consists of pension funds, family offices, hedge funds, private equity firms, venture equity, securities analysts (buy-side/sell-side), stockbrokers, and institutional investors. Utilizing established relationships within our syndicate base, we inspire investment interest and generate quantifiable results.

Portfolio Company

The types of clients we choose to align ourselves with are able to create and sustain its market position with superior products, services, cost structures, and/or proprietary skills of its employees. A typical company we invest in or procure capital for has the following qualities:

  • Revenues of $1,000,000 or More and Operating Cash Flow of $100,000 or More (We Will Entertain Smaller Criteria)
  • Dedicated & Capable Managers Willing to Take Steps Necessary to Improve the Value of Their Business
  • A Leading Market Position and Valuable Franchise
  • Predictable Cash Flows and Opportunity for Growth
  • Low Exposure to the Risks of Technological Obsolescence
  • Identifiable Opportunities to Enhance Financial Performance by Improving Growth, Operating Margins, & and Capital Efficiency