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Secure the capital your public or private company needs for expansion purposes by requesting our commercial financing services. Our private equity firm invests and co-invests on a principal basis and acts in an agency capacity to procure institutional capital for emerging micro-cap and small-cap companies. While further developing institutional sponsorship activities, we are committed to providing our clients with an uncompromising level of service to assist them in achieving both their short-term and long-term objectives. We believe the success of any organization lies in the ability to execute the business plan at each stage of development effectively. Our role is to assist in completing the business plan goals.

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Our private equity firm, a quant-driven hedge fund with offices in Asia and New York, manages proprietary capital coupled with a corporate finance platform. We provide capitalization and institutional sponsorship services based on established relationships and our reputation for consistently delivering relevant information and insight. Eurasian Capital, LLC. has an extensive database formed over the last 30 years. Develops and maintains personal, one-to-one contact with each person and institution in our syndicate. The continuous cultivation of our institutional relationships positions us as a strategic, useful resource and keeps our clients consistently on the radar screens of influential decision-makers.

We aspire to form customized financing campaigns in perfect alignment with our client's objectives to help increase visibility and research coverage, build and augment institutional ownership, and increase liquidity ratio. Our philosophy is based on solid commercial financing services experience integrated with investment research and strategic marketing. Using a coordinated and customized approach, we strive to create long-term relationships with institutional shareholders and prospective qualified purchasers.


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